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Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability 6.0.4 is now available to download from Symantec FileConnect.

SORT for NetBackup Users

SORT provides information on whether your environment is compatible with a NetBackup installation or upgrade, and gives you links to the latest documentation and software.

NetBackup news

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  • NetBackup Future Platform and Feature Plans

    To better help customers plan for upcoming changes to the support status of older product functionality, features, hardware, OS, and 3rd party software products in NetBackup, Symantec will provide advanced notification as listed below. Symantec intends to list items that will no longer be supported in the next release of NetBackup. If possible, these items are listed at least six months before that release.

    The information below lists certain features, functionality, 3rd-party and Symantec products, applications, databases, and OS/Platforms. Symantec intends to replace them with newer and improved functionality, or in some cases, discontinue without replacement. The last release of NetBackup to proliferate support of the item is provided. Technotes listed in the Notes column contain additional details about available replacement options. Where a major or minor release version is specified, the version is supported through the last Maintenance Update (patch) of that release. Where 'All' is specified, there is support for all versions or variations of the family of the relevant or supported platforms.

    Check this site frequently for updated information for NetBackup. If an item listed below will cause significant business impact, contact your Symantec Sales Account Team. Please note that the official NetBackup Support Lifecycle for your existing NetBackup product version will not be affected or altered in any way. For the official Symantec Support Lifecycle Policy of all NetBackup versions, see http://www.symantec.com/support/support_fundamentals.jsp.

    Information in the following table contains plans starting with NetBackup 7.5.
    The table was last updated on February 10, 2014.
  • Installation and Upgrade Checklist

    Enter your product and environment information to create an Installation and Upgrade checklist.


    Product version you are installing or upgrading to:



    Product version you are upgrading from (optional):

    View sample Installation and Upgrade checklists for Symantec enterprise products.
  • Notifications

    Get email notifications about new patches, hardware compatibility lists (HCLs), high availability agents, Array Support Libraries (ASLs)/Array Policy Modules (APMs), NetBackup Future Platform and Feature Plans, NetBackup hot fix/EEB releases, and documentation.

    • Patch name: vcs-rhel6_x86_64-VRTSllt-
      Patch type: Hot Fix
      Release date: 2013-05-22
      Details: Detailed info
      Download: FTP
      Patch name: vcs-sles10_x86_64-VRTSllt-
      Patch type: Hot Fix
      Release date: 2013-05-22
      Details: Detailed info
      Download: FTP
      Patch name: vcs-sles11_x86_64-VRTSllt-
      Patch type: Hot Fix
      Release date: 2013-05-22
      Details: Detailed info
      Download: FTP
  • Custom Reports Using Data Collectors

    Get sample reports about your systems and Symantec enterprise products.
  • NetBackup Hot Fix and EEB Release Auditor

    Select a product:
    Enter hot fix or EEB identifiers:
       (last updated on April 03, 2014)
  • Product Documentation

    Select your product, version, platform, document type, and document language to display a list of applicable documentation.

    Product (optional):

    Version (optional):

    Platform (optional):

    Document type (optional):

    Document language (optional):

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