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This page lists publically-released patches for Symantec Enterprise Products.
For information on private patches, contact Symantec Technical Support.
For NetBackup Enterprise Server and NetBackup Server patches, see the NetBackup Downloads.
Patches for your product can have a variety of names. These names are based on product, component, or package names. For more information on patch naming conventions and the relationship between products, components, and packages, see the SORT online help.
Top 10 new patches in last 30 days [Show top 30] [Show top 90]
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Rank Product Release type Patch name Release date
1 File System 5.1SP1 P-patch fs-hpux1131-5.1SP1RP3P5 2015-07-29
2 CPI 6.2 Patch cpi-sol11_sparc-Patch- 2015-07-08
3 Disaster Recovery Advisor 6.4.1 Hot Fix dra-win_ia64-6.4.1_HF3 2015-07-01


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