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This page lists publically-released Symantec patches. For information on private patches, contact Symantec Technical Support.
Patches for your product can have a variety of names. These names are based on product, component, or package names. For more information on patch naming conventions and the relationship between products, components, and packages, see the SORT online help.
Available NetBackup patches
Product Location
NetBackup Enterprise Server Download
NetBackup Server Download

Select your product, platform, and patch type:

To view a list of patches associated with the product, click the patch type.

MR=Maintenance Release; SP=Service Pack; PR=Platform Release; MP=Maintenance Pack; RP=Rolling Patch; P=P-patch; CP=Cumulative Patch; PP=Point Patch; HF=Hot Fix; blank indicates that no patch is available for the product/platform. (To learn more about a patch type, click the acronym.)

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