Recovering from disruption of connectivity to storage at the remote sites from hosts on all sites

In this scenario, hosts at the sites lose connectity to the storage at each others' sites. For example, hosts in Site A lose connectivity to the storage at Site B, and hosts in site B lose connectivity to the storage at Site A. For example, this might occur because the link between the fibre channel (FC) switches went down.

In this case, one of the sites is detached. Hosts in the detached site see I/O failures. Applications on the hosts in the detached site should be failed over to hosts on the other site.

To recover, reconnect the FC links. If the vxattachd daemon is running, it automatically reattaches the detached site and initiates recovery. Otherwise, manually run the vxreattach and vxrecover commands to bring the site back to ACTIVE.

See Recovering from storage failure.