Configuring vxdbd for SFDB tools authentication

To configure vxdbd, perform the following steps as the root user

  1. Run the sfae_auth_op command to set up the authentication services.
    # /opt/VRTS/bin/sfae_auth_op -o setup
    Setting up AT
    Starting SFAE AT broker
    Creating SFAE private domain
    Backing up AT configuration
    Creating principal for vxdbd
  2. Stop the vxdbd daemon.
    # /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdbdctrl stop
    Stopping Veritas vxdbd
    vxdbd stop succeeded
  3. Enable authentication by setting the AUTHENTICATION key to yes in the /etc/vx/vxdbed/ configuration file.

    If /etc/vx/vxdbed/ does not exist, then usecp /opt/VRTSdbed/bin/ /etc/vx/vxdbed/

  4. Start the vxdbd daemon.
    # /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdbdctrl start
    Starting Veritas vxdbd
    /opt/VRTSdbed/bin/vxdbd start SUCCESS

The vxdbd daemon is now configured to require authentication.