Components for administering VCS

VCS provides several components to administer clusters.

Table: VCS components to administer clusters describes the components that VCS provides to administer clusters:

Table: VCS components to administer clusters

VCS components


Veritas Operations Manager

A Web-based graphical user interface for monitoring and administering the cluster.

Install the Veritas Operations Manager on a management server outside the cluster to manage multiple clusters.

See the Veritas Operations Manager documentation for more information.

Cluster Manager (Java console)

A cross-platform Java-based graphical user interface that provides complete administration capabilities for your cluster. The console runs on any system inside or outside the cluster, on any operating system that supports Java.

See About the Cluster Manager (Java Console).

VCS command line interface (CLI)

The VCS command-line interface provides a comprehensive set of commands for managing and administering the cluster.

More Information

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