About making CP server highly available

If you want to configure a multi-node CP server cluster, install and configure SFHA on the CP server nodes. Otherwise, install and configure VCS on the single node.

In both the configurations, VCS provides local start and stop of the CP server process, taking care of dependencies such as NIC, IP address, and so on. Moreover, VCS also serves to restart the CP server process in case the process faults.

VCS can use multiple network paths to access a CP server. If a network path fails, CP server does not require a restart and continues to listen on one of the other available virtual IP addresses.

To make the CP server process highly available, you must perform the following tasks:


Symantec recommends that you do not run any other applications on the single node or SFHA cluster that is used to host CP server.

A single CP server can serve multiple VCS clusters. A common set of CP servers can serve up to 128 VCS clusters.