GAB message logging

If GAB encounters some problem, then First Failure Data Capture (FFDC) logs are also generated and dumped.

When you have configured GAB, GAB also starts a GAB logging daemon (/opt/VRTSgab/gablogd). GAB logging daemon is enabled by default. You can change the value of the GAB tunable parameter gab_ibuf_count to disable the GAB logging daemon.

See About GAB load-time or static tunable parameters.

This GAB logging daemon collects the GAB related logs when a critical events such as an iofence or failure of the master of any GAB port occur, and stores the data in a compact binary form. You can use the gabread_ffdc utility as follows to read the GAB binary log files:

/opt/VRTSgab/gabread_ffdc  binary_logs_files_location

You can change the values of the following environment variables that control the GAB binary log files:

You can either define these variables in the following GAB startup file or use the export command. You must restart GAB for the changes to take effect.