Service group is waiting for the resource to be brought online/taken offline.

Recommended Action: Review the IState attribute of all resources in the service group to locate which resource is waiting to go online (or which is waiting to be taken offline). Use the hastatus command to help identify the resource. See the engine and agent logs in /var/VRTSvcs/log for information on why the resource is unable to be brought online or be taken offline.

To clear this state, make sure all resources waiting to go online/offline do not bring themselves online/offline. Use the hagrp -flush command or the hagrp -flush -force command to clear the internal state of VCS. You can then bring the service group online or take it offline on another system.

For more information on the hagrp -flush and hagrp -flush -force commands.


Exercise caution when you use the -force option. It can lead to situations where a resource status is unintentionally returned as FAULTED. In the time interval that a resource transitions from 'waiting to go offline' to 'not waiting', if the agent has not completed the offline agent function, the agent may return the state of the resource as OFFLINE. VCS considers such unexpected offline of the resource as FAULT and starts recovery action that was not intended.