Fencing startup reports preexisting split-brain

The vxfen driver functions to prevent an ejected node from rejoining the cluster after the failure of the private network links and before the private network links are repaired.

For example, suppose the cluster of system 1 and system 2 is functioning normally when the private network links are broken. Also suppose system 1 is the ejected system. When system 1 restarts before the private network links are restored, its membership configuration does not show system 2; however, when it attempts to register with the coordinator disks, it discovers system 2 is registered with them. Given this conflicting information about system 2, system 1 does not join the cluster and returns an error from vxfenconfig that resembles:

vxfenconfig: ERROR: There exists the potential for a preexisting 
split-brain. The coordinator disks list no nodes which are in 
the current membership. However, they also list nodes which are 
not in the current membership.

I/O Fencing Disabled!

Also, the following information is displayed on the console:

<date> <system name> vxfen: WARNING: Potentially a preexisting
<date> <system name> split-brain.
<date> <system name> Dropping out of cluster.
<date> <system name> Refer to user documentation for steps
<date> <system name> required to clear preexisting split-brain.
<date> <system name>
<date> <system name> I/O Fencing DISABLED!
<date> <system name>
<date> <system name> gab: GAB:20032: Port b closed

However, the same error can occur when the private network links are working and both systems go down, system 1 restarts, and system 2 fails to come back up. From the view of the cluster from system 1, system 2 may still have the registrations on the coordination points.

Assume the following situations to understand preexisting split-brain in server-based fencing:

These situations are similar to that of preexisting split-brain with coordinator disks, where you can solve the problem running the vxfenclearpre command. A similar solution is required in server-based fencing using the cpsadm command.

See Clearing preexisting split-brain condition.