CP server requirements

VCS 6.0.1 clusters (application clusters) support coordination point servers (CP servers) which are hosted on the following VCS and SFHA versions:


Before you upgrade 5.1 CP server nodes to use VCS or SFHA 6.0.1, you must upgrade all the application clusters that use this CP server to version 6.0.1. Application clusters at version 5.1 cannot communicate with CP server that runs VCS or SFHA 5.1 SP1 or later.

Make sure that you meet the basic hardware requirements for the VCS/SFHA cluster to host the CP server.

See the Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability Installation Guide.

See Hardware requirements for VCS.


While Symantec recommends at least three coordination points for fencing, a single CP server as coordination point is a supported server-based fencing configuration. Such single CP server fencing configuration requires that the coordination point be a highly available CP server that is hosted on an SFHA cluster.

Make sure you meet the following additional CP server requirements which are covered in this section before you install and configure CP server:

Table: CP server hardware requirements lists additional requirements for hosting the CP server.

Table: CP server hardware requirements

Hardware required


Disk space

To host the CP server on a VCS cluster or SFHA cluster, each host requires the following file system space:

  • 550 MB in the /opt directory (additionally, the language pack requires another 15 MB)

  • 300 MB in /usr

  • 20 MB in /var

  • 10 MB in /etc (for the CP server database)

See Disk space requirements.


When CP server is hosted on an SFHA cluster, there must be shared storage between the nodes of this SFHA cluster.


Each CP server requires at least 512 MB.


Network hardware capable of providing TCP/IP connection between CP servers and VCS clusters (application clusters).

Table: CP server supported operating systems and versions displays the CP server supported operating systems and versions. An application cluster can use a CP server that runs any of the following supported operating systems.

Table: CP server supported operating systems and versions

CP server

Operating system and version

CP server hosted on a VCS single-node cluster or on an SFHA cluster

CP server supports any of the following operating systems:

  • AIX 6.1 and 7.1

  • HP-UX 11i v3

  • Linux:

    • RHEL 5

    • RHEL 6

    • SLES 10

    • SLES 11

  • Oracle Solaris 10

  • Oracle Solaris 11

Review other details such as supported operating system levels and architecture for the supported operating systems.

See the Veritas Cluster Server Release Notes or the Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability Release Notes for that platform.

Following are the CP server networking requirements and recommendations:

For secure communication between the VCS cluster (application cluster) and the CP server, review the following support matrix:

Communication mode

CP server

in secure mode

CP server

in non-secure mode

VCS cluster in secure mode



VCS cluster in non-secure mode



For secure communications between the VCS and CP server, consider the following requirements and suggestions:

For information about establishing secure communications between the application cluster and CP server, see the Veritas Cluster Server Administrator's Guide.