Verifying the cluster

Verify the status of the cluster using the hastatus command. This command returns the system state and the group state.

Refer to the hastatus(1M) manual page.

Refer to the Veritas Cluster Server Administrator's Guide for a description of system states and the transitions between them.

To verify the cluster

  1. To verify the status of the cluster, type the following command:
    # hastatus -summary

    The output resembles:

        -- SYSTEM STATE
        -- System              State                  Frozen
        A  sys1               RUNNING                0
        A  sys2               RUNNING                0
        -- GROUP STATE
        -- Group           System        Probed  AutoDisabled   State
        B  ClusterService  sys1         Y       N              ONLINE
        B  ClusterService  sys2         Y       N              OFFLINE
  2. Review the command output for the following information:

    • The system state

      If the value of the system state is RUNNING, the cluster is successfully started.

    • The ClusterService group state

      In the sample output, the group state lists the ClusterService group, which is ONLINE on sys1 and OFFLINE on sys2.