Verifying the status of nodes and service groups

Start by issuing the following commands from one of the nodes to remain in the cluster node sys1 or node sys2 in our example.

To verify the status of the nodes and the service groups

  1. Make a backup copy of the current configuration file,
    # cp -p /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/\
  2. Check the status of the systems and the service groups.
    # hastatus -summary
        -- SYSTEM STATE
        -- System      State          Frozen
        A  sys1    RUNNING        0
        A  sys2    RUNNING        0
        A  sys5      RUNNING        0
        -- GROUP STATE
        -- Group    System      Probed   AutoDisabled   State
        B  grp1     sys1      Y        N              ONLINE
        B  grp1     sys2      Y        N              OFFLINE
        B  grp2     sys1      Y        N              ONLINE
        B  grp3     sys2      Y        N              OFFLINE
        B  grp3     sys5    Y        N              ONLINE
        B  grp4     sys5    Y        N              ONLINE

    The example output from the hastatus command shows that nodes sys1, sys2, and sys5 are the nodes in the cluster. Also, service group grp3 is configured to run on node sys2 and node sys5, the departing node. Service group grp4 runs only on node sys5. Service groups grp1 and grp2 do not run on node sys5.