About Veritas File Replicator

Veritas File Replicator (VFR) is data-replication software designed to contribute to an effective disaster recovery plan. VFR enables you to maintain a consistent copy of application data at a remote location.

VFR replicates the application writes on the file system at the source location to a remote location across any distance. If a disaster occurs at the source location, you can use the copy of the application data at the remote location and restart the application at the remote location. Aside from disaster recovery, VFR can be used for content distribution, off host processing, and data migration.

The host at the source location on which the application is running is known as the Primary host, and the host at the target location is known as the Secondary host.

In this release VFR is only supported on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and Red Hat Enterprise Server (RHEL) Linux for Veritas Storage Foundation, Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability, Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability (SFCFS) and Symantec VirtualStore.