Communication among VBS daemons

VBS daemons across clusters communicate over IP addresses.

Depending on the environment in which your VBS is functioning, you may want to configure virtual IP addresses for every VBS daemon on clusters that are part of VBS, or you may want VBS to auto discover the IP address of the VBS daemon.

The three methods for VBS daemon communication are:

Consider a VBS consisting of multi-node clusters on three-tiers. One tier is configured to use a virtual IP address and the remaining tiers are configured to automatically discover the IP address. Every cluster updates the IP addresses of the VBS Daemons running on other clusters. This ensures communication among VBS Daemons.


In a multi-tier VBS that has one of the tier configured for GCO, VBS daemons across tiers communicate using the virtual IP address set in the clusteraddress attribute of the GCO tier.

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