Using vxinstall to configure Veritas Volume Manager

If you used the Veritas Installation Menu or the installvm script, you do not need to carry out the instructions in this section. Licensing, configuration of enclosure based naming and creation of a default disk group are managed by the menu installer and the installvm script.

Because you are no longer required to configure VxVM disks immediately, the vxinstall command no longer invokes the vxdiskadm program, making it much simpler than in previous releases.

The utility provides the following functions:

To run the command, enter

# vxinstall

which will prompt you to enter a license key:

Are you prepared to enter a license key [y,n,q,?] (default: y) y

The vxinstall program then asks if you want to set up a system-wide default disk group, which is optional:

Do you want to setup a system wide default disk group ?
[y,n,q,?] (default: y)

VxVM will continue with the question:

Which disk group [<group>,list,q,?] ?

If you know the name of the disk group that you want to use as the default disk group, enter it at the prompt, or use the list option and make a selection.

In releases prior to VxVM 4.0, the default disk group was rootdg (the root disk group). For VxVM to function, the rootdg disk group had to exist and it had to contain at least one disk. This requirement no longer exists, however you may find it convenient to create a system-wide default disk group. For operations that require a disk group, the system-wide default disk group will be used if the VxVM command is not specified with the -g option. The main benefit of creating a default disk group is that VxVM commands default to the default disk group and you will not need to use the -g option. To verify the default disk group after it has been created, enter the command:

# vxdg defaultdg

VxVM does not allow you to use the following names for the default disk group because they are reserved words: bootdg, defaultdg and nodg.

At this stage, the installation of VxVM is complete. To carry out further tasks such as disk encapsulation or initialization, see the Veritas Storage Foundation Administrator's Guide.