Cluster ID on the I/O fencing key of coordinator disk does not match the local cluster's ID

If you accidentally assign coordinator disks of a cluster to another cluster, then the fencing driver displays an error message similar to the following when you start I/O fencing:

000068 06:37:33 2bdd5845  0 ... 3066 0 VXFEN WARNING V-11-1-56 
	Coordinator disk has key with cluster id 48813 
	which does not match local cluster id 57069

The warning implies that the local cluster with the cluster ID 57069 has keys. However, the disk also has keys for cluster with ID 48813 which indicates that nodes from the cluster with cluster id 48813 potentially use the same coordinator disk.

You can run the following commands to verify whether these disks are used by another cluster. Run the following commands on one of the nodes in the local cluster. For example, on system01:

system01> # lltstat -C

system01> # cat /etc/vxfentab

system01> # vxfenadm -s /dev/vx/rdmp/disk_7
Reading SCSI Registration Keys...
Device Name: /dev/vx/rdmp/disk_7
Total Number Of Keys: 1
 [Numeric Format]:  86,70,48,49,52,66,48,48
	[Character Format]: VFBEAD00
	[Node Format]: Cluster ID: 48813 Node ID: 0 Node Name: unknown

Where disk_7, disk_8, and disk_9 represent the disk names in your setup.

Recommended action: You must use a unique set of coordinator disks for each cluster. If the other cluster does not use these coordinator disks, then clear the keys using the vxfenclearpre command before you use them as coordinator disks in the local cluster.