About Solaris Projects

The Solaris operating system provides the projects facility to identify workloads. The project serves as an administrative tag that you use to group related work in a useful manner. You can create one project for a sales application and another project for a marketing application. By placing all processes related to the sales application in the sales project and the processes for the marketing application in the marketing project, you can separate and control the workloads in a way that makes sense to the business.

A user that is a member of more than one project can run processes in multiple projects at the same time. This multiple project approach makes it possible for users to participate in several workloads simultaneously. All processes that a process starts inherits the project of the parent process. As a result, switching to a new project in a startup script runs all child processes in the new project.

For more information, refer to the Solaris operating environment document System Administration Guide: Solaris Containers--Resource Management and Solaris Zones .