Removing preexisting keys

If you encountered a split-brain condition, use the vxfenclearpre utility to remove SCSI-3 registrations and reservations on the coordinator disks as well as on the data disks in all shared disk groups.

You can also use this procedure to remove the registration and reservation keys created by another node from a disk.

To clear keys after split-brain

  1. Stop Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) on all nodes.
    # hastop -all
  2. Make sure that the port h is closed on all the nodes. Run the following command on each node to verify that the port h is closed:
    # gabconfig -a

    Port h must not appear in the output.

  3. Stop I/O fencing on all nodes. Enter the following command on each node:
    # svcadm disable -t vxfen
  4. If you have any applications that run outside of VCS control that have access to the shared storage, then shut down all other nodes in the cluster that have access to the shared storage. This prevents data corruption.
  5. Start the vxfenclearpre script:
    # /opt/VRTSvcs/vxfen/bin/vxfenclearpre
  6. Read the script's introduction and warning. Then, you can choose to let the script run.
    Do you still want to continue: [y/n] (default : n) y

    In some cases, informational messages resembling the following may appear on the console of one of the nodes in the cluster when a node is ejected from a disk/LUN. You can ignore these informational messages.

    <date> <system name> scsi: WARNING: /sbus@3,0/lpfs@0,0/
    <date> <system name> Error for Command: <undecoded 
    cmd 0x5f> Error Level: Informational
    <date> <system name> scsi: Requested Block: 0 Error Block 0
    <date> <system name> scsi: Vendor: <vendor> Serial Number: 
    <date> <system name> scsi: Sense Key: Unit Attention
    <date> <system name> scsi: ASC: 0x2a (<vendor unique code 
    0x2a>), ASCQ: 0x4, FRU: 0x0

    The script cleans up the disks and displays the following status messages.

    Cleaning up the coordinator disks... 
    Cleaning up the data disks for all shared disk groups... 
    Successfully removed SCSI-3 persistent registration and 
    reservations from the coordinator disks as well as the 
    shared data disks. 
    You can retry starting fencing module. In order to 
    restart the whole product, you might want to 
    reboot the system.
  7. Start the fencing module.
    # svcadm enable vxfen
  8. Start VCS on all nodes.
    # hastart