MultiNICA agent

The MultiNICA agent represents a set of network interfaces and provides failover capabilities between them. You can use the agent to make IP addresses on multiple-adapter systems highly available or to monitor them. Each interface in a MultiNICA resource has a base IP address. You can use one base IP address for all interfaces, or you can specify a different IP address for use with each interface. The MultiNICA agent configures one interface at a time. If it does not detect activity on the configured interface, it configures a new interface and migrates IP aliases to it.

If an interface is associated with a MultiNICA resource, do not associate it with any other MultiNICA, MultiNICB, or NIC resource. If the same set of interfaces must be a part of multiple service groups, configure a MultiNICA resource in one of the service groups. In the other service groups, configure Proxy resources that point to the MultiNICA resource in the first service group.