Attributes for MultiNICB agent

For Solaris:

Table: Required attributes

Required attribute



List of NICs that you want under MultiNICB control.

For IPv4, you must manually configure the test IP addresses on each NIC. This address must be the base IP address (the first address) on that NIC.

For IPv6, VCS uses link local addresses as the test IP addresses. You do not need to configure the test IP address.

List of NICs that you want under MultiNICB control, and the failover order of those NICs. The IPMultiNICB agent uses the NIC aliases to configure IP addresses. The IPMultiNICB agent uses these interface aliases to determine the order of the interface on which to bring the IP addresses online.

When you use the IPv6 protocol, you must configure values for this attribute, the Protocol attribute, and the corresponding IPMultiNICB agent's PrefixLen attribute.

Type and dimension: string-association


Device = { "qfe0" = 0, "qfe1" = 1 }


Required to use the IPv6 protocol.

See Table: Optional attributes for Base and Mpathd modes.

IPMPDevice (Solaris 11 only)

Set the value of the attribute to the name of the IPMP interface created for interfaces under MultiNICB resource control. The value of the attribute must be set to a valid IPMP interface name and the value of UseMpathd attribute must be set to 1.

Example: "ipmp0"


Before you configure the attribute, you want to configure an IP Multipathing (IPMP) interface for the interfaces under MultiNICB resource control.

See Configuring MultiNICB and IPMultiNICB agents on Solaris 11.