Understanding the Symantec High Availability tab work area

The Symantec High Availability tab displays the consolidated health information for applications running in a Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) cluster. The cluster may include one or more systems.

When you click a system in the inventory view of the VMware vSphere client, the Symantec High Availability tab displays application information for the entire VCS cluster, not just the selected system.


If you do not configure any application for monitoring in the VCS cluster, then the Symantec Application High Availability tab displays only the following link: Configure an application for high availability.

The Symantec High Availability tab uses icons, color coding, dependency graphs, and tool tips to report the detailed status of an application.

The Symantec High Availability tab displays complex applications, for example SAP Netweaver, in terms of multiple interdependent instances of that application. These interdependent instances represent component groups of the application. The component groups are also known as "service groups" in VCS terminology.

Each service group in turn includes several critical components of the application. The components are known as "resources" in VCS terminology.

The following figure displays two instances of SAP running in the Symantec High Availability tab:

1. Title bar

2. Actions menu

3. Aggregate Status Bar

4. Application dependency graph

5.Application table

6. Application-specific task menu

7. Component dependency graph

The Symantec High Availability tab graphic user interface (GUI) includes the following components: