This section summarizes the required and optional attributes of the VMwareDisks agent.

Table: VMwareDisks agent required attributes

Required attribute



The list of hostnames and credentials of the ESX hosts on which the virtual machines are configured.

The key is ESX host name or IP address. Its value will be of format 'User name'='Encrypted password'.

Type and dimension: string-association


The list of disks paths to be managed by the VMwareDisks resource.

The key is of the form '[Data store name] Disk path'. The value is of the form 'SCSI controller key: Target ID (unit number of the disk)'. For example, 0:2. For RDM, add prefix 'RDM:' to the disk path.

Alternatively, the key can be of the form 'Disk_UUID: [Data store name] Disk_path'. In case of RDM, 'RDM:Disk_UUID:[Data store name] Disk_path'. If the disk UUID is not provided, the agent will discover the UUID and modify the attribute to have UUID of the disk.

Type and dimension: string-association

Table: VMwareDisks agent optional attributes

Optional attribute



Defines whether vSphere HA is enabled. The value 1 indicates that vSphere HA is enabled.

Default is 1.

Type and dimension: boolean-scalar


The specified time interval, in seconds, during which VMware HA registers the virtual machine on any other ESX host when an ESX host fails. This is applicable only if IsVMHAEnabled is set to true.

Default value is 120 seconds.

Type and dimension: integer