vxdiskunsetup (1M)


vxdiskunsetup - remove the Veritas Volume Manager configuration


/etc/vx/bin/vxdiskunsetup [-Cf] [-F] [-o shred=[1|3|7]] disk_address...


The vxdiskunsetup command removes the Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) configuration from one or more disks. The vxdiskunsetup command reverses the configuration done by the vxdisksetup command. This operation makes the disks unusable by VxVM. The vxdiskunsetup command can be applied only to VxVM-initialized disks that are not in use within an imported disk group.

The disk_address argument passed to vxdiskunsetup directs the command to the device that corresponds to the disk being operated upon. The address should be provided in the form c#t#d#, which define a controller number (c#), a SCSI target ID (t#), and a SCSI logical unit number (d#). Each number is specified in decimal and can be multiple digits. If the disks are named using the enclosure based naming scheme, the address usually takes the form enclosurename_diskno. The name must reference a valid disk under the /dev/vx/rdmp directory.

The vxdiskunsetup command operates by removing the public and private regions that were created by the last invocation of vxdisksetup on the specified disks. After this operation, those disks are converted from the online to the error state state (as displayed by vxdisk list).


-C By default, the vxdiskunsetup command does not operate on disks that appear to be imported by some other host (for example, a host that shares access to the disk). In this case, specify the -C option to force de-configuration of the disk, effectively removing the host locks that were detected by vxdiskunsetup.
-f By default, the vxdiskunsetup command does not shred Solid-State Drive (SSD) disks. Specify the -f option to force a shred operation on an SSD disk.
-F By default, the vxdiskunsetup command only operates on online disks. It does not operate on disks that are imported or offline. This option forces an unsetup operation to be performed on such disks.
-o shred[=1|3|7]
  The shred operation overwrites the data on the disk with a digital pattern in one or more passes. Specify the number of passes as 1, 3, or 7. The default is 1 pass.


Force deconfiguration of a VxVM-initialized disk, enc3_5:

/etc/vx/bin/vxdiskunsetup -C enc3_5

Shred a VxVM-initialized disk, hds9970v0_14, with 3 passes.

/etc/vx/bin/vxdiskunsetup -o shred=3 hds9970v0_14



VxVM 6.0 vxdiskunsetup (1M)