Custom script execution

VBS can execute scripts on parent tiers that have one or more child tiers with soft dependency configured. The custom script is associated with a parent tier and not specific to a given VBS. It is executed whenever any Soft dependency child tier recovers from a fault. The script runs in the background on all nodes where the parent service group is online or partial. There is no time-out on the script execution and the VBS daemon does not wait for the script execution to complete. The exit code is captured in VBS daemon log on the tier where the script is executed. It is the script writer's responsibility to log the information and exit code as required.

You can configure the custom script from the Veritas Operations Manager management console. The script can optionally take arguments. The script must already exist on the nodes before you configure this feature and its path must be same across all the nodes on the tier. On UNIX, you can run the script optionally in the context of a user present on the system. By default, it runs with root privileges. On Windows, the script always runs as SYSTEM user.

The following environment variables are made available to the script: