Configuring custom script execution for soft dependencies

To configure script execution:

  1. Configure VCS HacliUserLevel attribute on the parent tier as this is a prerequisite.

    Custom script execution feature requires the VCS cluster-level attribute HacliUserLevel to be set to COMMANDROOT. This is required even if the tier is a single-node cluster or an ApplicationHA node. Perform the following steps to set HacliUserLevel attribute on the parent tier:

    • Make the VCS configuration writeable if not already writeable.

      # haconf -makerw
    • Set the HacliUserLevel attribute value

      # haclus -modify HacliUserLevel COMMANDROOT
    • Make the VCS configuration read-only again.

      # haconf -dump -makero
  2. Copy the custom script to all nodes of the parent tier.
  3. Configure script execution for parent tier:
    • In the Management Server console, go to the Availability perspective and expand Manage in the left pane.

    • Select Data Center in the navigation tree.

      Select the Virtual Business Services node.

    • In the virtual business services list, right-click on the required virtual business service and select Configure dependencies. Click Next.

    • In the Specify Script Execution details wizard panel, specify the Custom Script name (with absolute path) and any arguments.

      On Windows tiers, you may need to specify the interpreter name followed by the script name.

      For UNIX or Linux tiers, you can specify a system user in whose context the script must be executed on the parent tier.

      See Configuring dependencies for a virtual business service .