About policy checks

The Veritas Operations Manager policy check uses individual rules to validate whether the datacenter configuration conforms to a pre-defined standard. These individual rules are named as signatures. You can run the signatures across the Veritas Operations Manager environment. The policy check feature in Veritas Operations Manager lets you manage the signatures. Veritas Operations Manager contains 50 pre-defined signatures. In addition to the pre-defined signatures, Veritas Operations Manager lets you create the customized signatures.

The Veritas Operations Manager policy check enables the administrator to identify the resources which do not meet that specified standard, and track these violations over time. These standards can be configured to scan multiple signatures, at specific scheduled intervals, with different options, against any number of hosts in your datacenter. The policy check allows you to better identify and address risks in your environment by providing notification of error and risk conditions on a proactive basis, before they evolve into something more severe.

The time that is required for collecting data to generate a Policy Check report depends on the number of hosts against which the policy checks must run on, the size of the configuration, and the number of signatures run.

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