Configuring the virtualization discovery

In Veritas Operations Manager, you must configure the virtualization discovery to let a Control Host discover the virtual servers. You can configure the virtualization discovery for VMware discovery, or HMC discovery.

The VMware discovery provides the following information:

The HMC discovery provides the following information:

After you configure virtualization discovery, to view all ESX servers that the VirtualCenter server manages, click vCenter under Data Center. Similarly to view all the LPAR servers that the HMC server manages click HMC under Data Center.

To perform this task, your user group must be assigned the Admin role on the Management Server perspective. The root user can also perform this task.

To configure virtualization discovery in Veritas Operations Manager

  1. In the Home page on the Management Server console, click Settings.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Configure Virtualization Server

    • Click Virtualization, and then click Configure Virtualization Server.

    • Click Virtualization, right-click Data Center and select Configure Virtualization Server.

  3. In the Configure Virtualization Server wizard panel, enter the details, and click Next.

    See Configure Virtualization Server panel options.

  4. In the Select option wizard panel, select the method for virtualization discovery of the servers, and click Finish.

    See Configure Virtualization Server panel options.

  5. In the Result panel, view the progress of the configuration. After the configuration is complete, click OK.

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