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License Report - SF Deployment detail
Sample License/Deployment Report (Report ID: 6531, Data collector version: 3.12.20140521)
  End of Support Life (EOSL) summary
Products no longer supported 0
Products with support ending within 12 month(s) 1 (Rest-Of-World)
  EOSL of the installed products
System Platform Installed product Installed product version EOSL date EOSL status Latest product level
host_0SolarisStorage Foundation for Oracle RAC5.12016-11-30 (Rest-Of-World)Long term support6.1
host_1SolarisStorage Foundation for Oracle RAC5.12016-11-30 (Rest-Of-World)Long term support6.1
host_2SolarisVolume Manager6.0.1Could not collect EOSL informationCould not collect EOSL information6.0.1
host_3SolarisStorage Foundation6.12018-12-19 (Rest-Of-World)Long term support6.1
host_4LinuxStorage Foundation HA6.0.12018-12-19 (Rest-Of-World)Long term support6.1
host_5LinuxStorage Foundation HA6.0.12018-12-19 (Rest-Of-World)Long term support6.1
host_6LinuxStorage Foundation for Cluster File System HA6.12018-12-19 (Rest-Of-World)Long term support6.1
host_7AIXStorage Foundation HA5.0MP3RP42014-08-31 (Rest-Of-World)Support ending within 12 month(s)6.1
host_8SolarisStorage Foundation6.0.12018-12-19 (Rest-Of-World)Long term support6.1
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